We can provide electricians, plumbers, painters & decorators, Handyman, Bathroom & Kitchen installation services in London & throughout the Baltic region. We have experience in small and big projects.


At Builders London, we employ a number of skilled electricians, all ready to take care of your…

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When you are looking for painters or decorators in London, then skills and experience are the keys..

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We have hand-picked our team based on experience and skill, to provide you with excellent..

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We ensure that your home needs are catered to by the best of our facilities and our handyman..

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Bathroom Installation

We provide top-notch quality services for all your home needs.

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Kitchen Installation

We cater to all your home needs, and kitchen installations are one of our prime services..

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Welcome to Builders-4u.co.uk

You’ve got the idea of your dream home imprinted in your mind but with builders London you can actually turn it into reality. Our building and construction agency London specialises in home repair, renovation and construction and works with diligence and dedication. We can take care of everything from bathroom installation and kitchen installation to plumbing and electrical work.  It doesn’t matter if you stay in East London, South London, North London or West London, you can rely on Builders-4u.co.uk for all the home maintenance requirements. Our plumbers, decorators, painters, handyman and painters all are experts in their job and professional in approach.

We are your reliable builders London and take pride in ensuring that your ideas take shape and are transformed into reality just the way you want. From decorators to plumbers, Builders-4u.co.uk has skilled professionals who know their job. They have relevant experience in this field and focus on understanding your taste and style before starting the job.

If you compare our quotes with any building and construction agency London North, South, East and West you will know how affordable our decorators, handyman, plumbers and other professionals are. Our builders London company will execute your home repair and renovation work with extreme professionalism, paying attention to every minute detail. Also, if you are new to London and are getting your home built for the first time, this task can be daunting. But builders London will provide you complete assistance through this course.

So, be it painters or handyman or tasks around bathroom installation, kitchen installation and much more, you don’t have to worry about a thing when you leave the job in professional hands. With a huge burden off your shoulders, your sole focus should be to just enjoy the luxury of your home in London. Contact us today for no obligation quote!

We Are Builder
Builders London is a London-based building and construction agency with over a decade of experience in this field, working with some of the most high-profile names in the UK, and the Baltic.
About Builder4uk

We have a group of highly skilled professionals on our books, who hold all the necessary certifications in their field of work. Whether you are looking for-a decorator to reinvent your home and give it a new look, or someone to paint the exterior, or something as simple as a plumber to fix a leaky pipe-our team of experts are here to provide you with the best building related services.

Our services include:

If you are looking for a company to redesign your kitchen-or bathroom, then contact us today for a free no obligation quote.

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19 January 2017

There are a number of things that makes a home functional and plumbing is one of them. Looking for professional plumbing service? If yes, Builders4u brings to you a premium service at an affordable rate. Leaking pipes, damaged faucets and blocked drains need immediate attention and the professional plumbers London at Builders4u can sort these issues quickly and professionally.

Why Us?

We are one of the most reliable building and construction agencies in the United Kingdom, we always guarantee complete client satisfaction. Irrespective of whether you live in North London or anywhere else in the capital, we are always available to fix any plumbing related issues. Our highly trained professional plumbers have years of experience.

Blocked drains are always a nightmare and cause many problems unless they are sorted quickly and correctly,  our highly skilled professional plumbers know how to get to the root of the problem and fix the issue without wasting any precious time. Our primary goal is to sort out the problem as fast as possible, and this is the reason we have very satisfied customers in East London as well as West London.

All our plumbing services are insured and guaranteed. This gives you added peace of mind, knowing that your home and property is safe in our hands. Our friendly plumbers have worked on numerous projects in South London and other parts of the city and our portfolio not only includes residential homes, but commercial buildings such as hotels and offices as well. We’re proud to say that all our clients have been 100% satisfied with the work we have done.

Affordable Plumbing Services

 Are you tired of large bills and quotes for plumbing services from Builders in London? If you are, then we are the company for you! Our services are guaranteed and affordable, whilst maintaining a service second to none. If you compare the costs of other plumbers in your area and compare their quotes against ours, you will be amazed at the difference! So give us a call today and let us give you a free no obligation quote.  So put an end to your plumbing woes now and let us put your mind at rest with our professional, affordable and quick plumbing services.

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08 December 2016

Are you planning to renovate your home and looking for builders in London who can live up to the promise of quality and deliver on time? Then Builders-4u is your one-stop solution. This website is dedicated to providing you with electricians, plumbers, painters & decorators, handyman, bathroom & kitchen installation services not only in London but also throughout the Baltic region. With years of experience, they can handle both large and small projects. The London-based building and construction agency has worked on some high-profile projects.

These London builders have worked on full and partial projects. So, if you have a painting job in your home or want to get a complete house renovation done then you can call us today The staff at Builders London are all accredited professionals who are experts in what they do. Their projects are supervised by foreman with years of experience to ensure that there are no cutting corners or problems. In fact, you can just sit back and watch these experts enhance your property.

Building or remodeling a home is not an easy task. We understand this completely and so we make the entire ordeal as easy as possible for you.  Our services are available in North London, West London, South London, East London and central London. So, no matter where you are located, our professionals are available to you.

Be it painting the exterior of your home, getting a plumber to repair your leaky pipe, kitchen installation or any other building-related services, you can be assured of a quality service at all times. Our services are available 24×7, which is what you need if you have a plumbing or an electrical emergency. Over the past decade, we have achieved a 100% customer satisfaction score and  maintain excellent client relationships.

The most important aspect is that the professionals from Builders-4u.co.uk are not only talented but their services come at an affordable price. Why not call them today on +447803356040 or email them at info@builders-4u.co.uk.

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15 July 2016

Every year, interior designers and architects come up with newer techniques, updating the theme of the living room and bedrooms in an effort to spruce up your home decor. Have you ever considered giving your kitchen a new look, though?

Your kitchen is the heart of your home.

You spend a few hours here every day, cooking up delicious and nutritious meals for your family. It can get rather boring when you work within the same dull walls day after day.

Give your kitchen a facelift today with these themes, and perk up your the ‘heart’ of your home.

  1. Vintage Theme

Add a rustic touch to your kitchen with this idea.

Choosing between wood, brick, or stone for your walls, you can give the room a patinated feel. Pick wooden cabinets and counter tops that show age—muchos classy. Faucets and lights with an antique look are the perfect choice to complement the look.

Simple and retro-looking kitchen appliances fit well into this theme. Choose colours that add a wooden or rusty touch, over bright or metallic hues. The vintage theme is an economical way to design a kitchen, as it doesn’t require any top-end appliances or the latest furniture to complete it.

  1. Monochrome Theme

If your home has a sophisticated contemporary décor theme, this will fit right into it. You can also contrast your vividly colored bright home with this monotonic theme. The neutral colour palettes add a smart touch.

You could choose to have black cabinets and countertop in a white room, with matching fittings.

A monochrome design theme gives things a classy spin, and makes for a flexible and timeless piece of design.

  1. Boho Theme

This theme is best for when you have a craving for collectibles from various cultures and eras. You’ll have the convenience of mixing and matching elements across the room, and giving it your own style.

Floral wallpapers, contrast furniture, wooden countertop, cabinets in vibrant colours, metallic sink and fittings—throw in whatever you feel looks nice, and make it a personal fusion theme.

With many agencies like Builders London offering expert services, you can pick any theme—from small kitchen ideas to high-end professionally-designed home kitchens. These organisations provide cost-effective services that include gas installations, plumbing, electric work, and floor tiling related to the kitchen.

Make sure you convey your kitchen plans precisely to the installation engineers. The team will provide you with alternatives in case of a hitch. Pick a theme, appoint an installation team, and watch your kitchen dreams come to life!

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