3 Kitchen Ideas To Put The Spark In Your Home


Every year, interior designers and architects come up with newer techniques, updating the theme of the living room and bedrooms in an effort to spruce up your home decor. Have you ever considered giving your kitchen a new look, though?

Your kitchen is the heart of your home.

You spend a few hours here every day, cooking up delicious and nutritious meals for your family. It can get rather boring when you work within the same dull walls day after day.

Give your kitchen a facelift today with these themes, and perk up your the ‘heart’ of your home.

  1. Vintage Theme

Add a rustic touch to your kitchen with this idea.

Choosing between wood, brick, or stone for your walls, you can give the room a patinated feel. Pick wooden cabinets and counter tops that show age—muchos classy. Faucets and lights with an antique look are the perfect choice to complement the look.

Simple and retro-looking kitchen appliances fit well into this theme. Choose colours that add a wooden or rusty touch, over bright or metallic hues. The vintage theme is an economical way to design a kitchen, as it doesn’t require any top-end appliances or the latest furniture to complete it.

  1. Monochrome Theme

If your home has a sophisticated contemporary décor theme, this will fit right into it. You can also contrast your vividly colored bright home with this monotonic theme. The neutral colour palettes add a smart touch.

You could choose to have black cabinets and countertop in a white room, with matching fittings.

A monochrome design theme gives things a classy spin, and makes for a flexible and timeless piece of design.

  1. Boho Theme

This theme is best for when you have a craving for collectibles from various cultures and eras. You’ll have the convenience of mixing and matching elements across the room, and giving it your own style.

Floral wallpapers, contrast furniture, wooden countertop, cabinets in vibrant colours, metallic sink and fittings—throw in whatever you feel looks nice, and make it a personal fusion theme.

With many agencies like Builders London offering expert services, you can pick any theme—from small kitchen ideas to high-end professionally-designed home kitchens. These organisations provide cost-effective services that include gas installations, plumbing, electric work, and floor tiling related to the kitchen.

Make sure you convey your kitchen plans precisely to the installation engineers. The team will provide you with alternatives in case of a hitch. Pick a theme, appoint an installation team, and watch your kitchen dreams come to life!


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