Handyman: The True ‘Friendly Neighbourhood Superhero’?


You’ve had a rough day at work. On returning home—as if designed to make things worse—you find a pothole in your driveway, leaky faucets in the kitchen, and your bathroom drain clogged. For home calamities like this and more, it’s Handyman to the rescue.

Just pick up your phone and dial a trusted agency’s number for some immediate handyman service. These professionals are known to fix just about anything under house maintenance.

What They Do

Usually, handymen are hired for arduous tasks that you can’t do alone—like shifting furniture, floor tiling, ‘flat pack’ assembly of sofas, beds, patio furniture, cribs, BBQ, or simply mounting a large-sized television.

Handymen are also employed for minor fixes when it comes to plumbing and electrical wiring issues. If you require swimming pool maintenance, you need look no further. Setting up curtains and blinds, pictures, or even a simple wall clock, is a cakewalk for the handyman.

They’re usually trained carpenters too. So if you need a shelf or a cabinet to fit in an irregular space, you can hand it over without any concerns.

Childproofing is no child’s play. Hire a handyman and get your home baby-proofed in no time at all. Draught proofing is an additional assistance you can trust a handyman with.

Handymen are rightly called odd-jobbers. They can be appointed for things you might not have even considered external help for. Let’s say you dropped an important document behind a heavy desk, or have loose cables going haywire at your workplace. That’s right, handymen fix these issues too.

Your bathroom woes—be it leaking pipes, running faucets, installing a shower screen, or tiling the whole floor—can be put to rest at the hands of the odd-job man.

Before You Pick Up That Phone

That said though, don’t just trust everyone who claims to be a handyman. Here’s what you can do to ensure safe—and reliable—service.

  • Look for online portals that give you a list of trusted agencies.
  • Check the agency’s website for all the information you require.
  • Ask for a list of references, and don’t hesitate to call them for a review about the service.
  • If you aren’t very tech-savvy, you can always rely on your friend’s or neighbour’s advice—word-of-mouth certainly helps here.
  • After deciding on a handyman, set up an appointment, because sometimes, only seeing is believing. This gives you the chance to personally interact with them; you can then let your instincts decide.

Keeping these precautions in mind, hire a handyman today and fix all your troubles, whether at home or work.


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