Let Your Walls Do All The Talking


When it’s time to give your home a facelift, what better way to do it than redoing those walls? Plaster that’s slowly peeling off, paint that’s a little chipped, and greasy stains-these are all signs that your walls need a new coat of paint.

Painting a room comes with many considerations-you’ll have to keep in mind the theme of your home, the theme of the room, lighting within the room, and the functionality factor. The colour of the furniture and adjacent rooms also play an important role when choosing painting ideas for your home.

Colour predictors have forecasted colours like shades of brown, gray, blue, and green to trend in the near future. While bold colours like burgundy and coral orange are making their way into homes, bright colours like yellow, crimson, or even acid green are mostly used as accents rather than the base colour.

Pastel shades are back in trend. The timeless black-and-white monochrome look has taken a step back, and will be seen mostly as a highlight on a pastel base colour.

Choose from a colour palette that’s in tune with current trends, and set the mood for your room.


In most circles, red is considered a romantic or passionate colour. In design terms, this colour can convey a contemporary or retro feel. It can be used as a striking contrast in rooms with a monotone. This also makes the room seem less narrow—handy if you’re in a tiny bedsit.

Darker shades of red absorb light, while paler shades reflect light. While brighter shades of red work well for living rooms, softer shades of red—with a tinge of brown or purple convey a silent and intimate mood.

Red is a popular choice for exteriors too.


Associated with the sky and the ocean, blue is a colour that evokes calm, depth, and strength. You can play with shades of blue-a navy shade gives a dramatic feel, while lighter shades like sky blue offer peaceful hues.

Blue, when combined with shades of yellow, can bring a cheery air to the room.

Bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens-rooms which are low on levels of brio-would be the perfect choice for blue walls. This colour is also used to highlight architectural features on the exteriors of buildings.


Growth, freshness, renewal-these are the qualities that green depicts.

Convert any room into a centre of tranquility by painting it green. Darker shades add the feeling of calm while lighter shades give an airy feeling to the environment. Earthy shades of green are perfect for exteriors, especially for homes set amidst nature.

Hire a professional team of painters and decorators and watch your home transform into a conglomeration of moods.


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